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Graffiti Wall Art


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Graffiti Prints FAQ

The rise in demand for graffiti artwork is increasing today. This style of art is a piece of creativity and uniqueness. For starters, there are various questions you might ask about this art. In this collection FAQ, you might get the answers to your questions.

What Are The Different Types of Graffiti Art?

Tag - This is the easiest type of graffiti wall art to design. It is also the simplest of all the types of graffiti. It consists of a single color, line, and symbol style. The lettering style used is also very simple. Tagging is often in a one-word format, usually the artist's name.

Throw-Up - This is a more complicated form of the tag. It consists of more colors (usually two to five) and a fancy lettering design - bubble lettering. Just like the tag, it is a single word but consists of more colors and less distinct lettering. It is also quite easy to complete.

Blockbuster - Similar to the throw-up graffiti art, the blockbuster is a larger piece made in block letterings. It is a massive form of the throw-up with super huge letters. This type covers a wider area quickly. This graffiti in real life is often painted using rollers. This is faster and easier.

Wildstyle - This is a vague throw-up art. It is difficult to identify and read the words. It consists of many colors and more accents (curves, arrows, spikes, and lines). This type takes a longer period to complete and is more difficult to make. If you don't have an insight into graffiti art, understanding this style may be difficult.

Stencil - Also known as 'lazy art'. It is a simple way to make an image on a canvas or wall. To get an image with this, the artist needs to transfer the drawing into a stencil. Then place the stencil on the desired surface. Spray paint is then used on the stencil to get the detailed image on the surface.

What Are Some Popular Types of Graffiti Canvas Art?

Stenciled Art - This graffiti art canvas consists of shapes, curves, lines, and images made from stencils. The artist cuts out the image and then transfers it onto the wall. This is common today as it is very clear and detailed.

Textured Canvas - This can be visually impactful. In viewing this, you may feel a strong sense of reality. This is popular today as it is very eye-catching and has an aura of class and royalty.

Scenic Canvases - These are graphical images that portray a scene or a story. An example of such a graffiti scenario is the rising or setting sun or an eclipse. This is common in urban decor settings.

Urban style - The style is a combination of street art and graffiti. This type of canvas displays urban-inspired architecture and common urban lifestyle. This is commonly used by younger aged people in studios and dancehalls.

Destination Graffiti - What is your favorite place to travel to? Paris? Hawaii? State-of-art monuments from these places converted into graffiti style. This is trendy.

What Type of Decor Styles Works Best With This Style of Art?

Industrial - With brick walls and black and white graffiti home decor, this may work great to add a warm and cozy atmosphere to your space.

Contemporary - Using graffiti canvas prints in this decor style is also trendy now. This decor idea uses gentle colors and less formal furnishing. Including a simple graffiti wall art may not be a bad idea.

Urban - Some consider this decor style as experimental. Wildstyle and blockbuster are prevalently used in this style for a breath of fresh air. These graffiti wall decor pieces can be hung in the space to produce an urban lifestyle look.

Modern - This style was born in the 20th century which is also around the same time as when graffiti wall art started being appreciated. A blend of some graffiti room decor accessories such as framed graffiti art can relay a functional and visually pleasing demeanor.

Transitional - This decor is a fusion of two styles- traditional and contemporary. earlier mentioned, the contemporary decor works well with graffiti, hence working with the transitional shouldn’t be an issue. For this, mix-and-match with solid furniture and a monochromatic color scheme.

What Is Banksy's Most Famous Piece Of Art?

Living Room - This is probably the most popular room where wall art is displayed. This room is great for all types of art depending on the decor style incorporated in its furnishing.

Bedroom - For comfort put together the graffiti canvases and complementing color schemes for a fun resting area. The bedroom is also a good place to hang accessories and is well suitable when hung just above the bed frame area.

Office Walls - This is also an amazing choice of location. Since it is usually a very serious setting, this might make the place more fun.

Hallway - It is very boring to have an empty hallway. Although this is often neglected, it doesn't have to be this way.

Staircase - A popular graffiti prints style in staircases is the brick wall decor canvas. This is stunning and captivating. The incorporation of wall hangings into this space can make a big difference in your home's ambiance.

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