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Landscape Canvas Prints


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Landscape Wall Art FAQ

People with an interest in landscape paintings want to know more and more about them. So, here we have answered the most common questions about landscape wall decor. Have a look!

What Kinds of Art Can We Commonly Find In This Genre?

Seascape - This kind of landscape artwork revolves around a major body of water. Let’s not confuse it with Maritime art. Seascape focuses on emotion and sensibility while keeping nature a primary object. It includes major water bodies such as sea or coastline. Whereas, Maritime works portray the water bodies along with a figural description.

Cityscape - It is the name representing the physical aspects of a city. In this artistic representation of a city, artists paint the beauty of city life. They usually show beautiful scenes and dynamics of everyday city life. Moreover, other styles like an anime landscape canvas portraying city life are also popular.

Townscape - Cityscape and townscape are usually confused with each other. The difference between the two is the same as between “city” and “town.” The city has more facilities, tall buildings, and a higher population than the town. Small town people might like such landscape canvas wall art more than the cityscapes. These paintings give a feeling of quietness.

Cultural Landscape - These are areas in which culture blends with nature. In this canvas art, the natural area is the medium with the effects of specific culture shown on it. It portrays the beautiful interaction between human behavior and nature.

Scenic Landscape - It is scenery art of a wide variety with stunning views. Every natural scene - mountains, islands, forests, and every landscape, falls under this category.

Where to Hang Landscape Wall Art?

A Room Without a Window - Windows are a must, especially when you live in a lush area. But if your room is without a window, no worries! You could still enjoy the natural beautiful vibes from landscape wall decor. Go for the 3D landscape art prints as such a painting on canvas can give a realistic feel.

Large Wall - If you have a big wall available, then go for bigger HD art landscapes. They look good on big walls and attract the viewers' attention within no time. Remember to choose the one that goes well with your room decoration and colors.

Gallery Wall - Why not hang various landscapes on the same wall? Yes, create a stunning gallery wall! You could also hang square canvas wall art for alignment.

Office - It would be amazing to hang 3 piece landscape wall art in an office reception. This helps create serene ambiance. Additionally, the visitors feel welcomed right after stepping in!

Centered Above Couches - Framed landscape art looks great centered above couches. Well, the placement matters a lot. Align the Center of the wall hanging and the sofa. Moreover, the bottom of the art should be 7-8 inches above the furniture back. For the couches with low backs, the reference point should be someone’s head who is sitting there.

What Are Some Popular Types of Landscape Canvas Art?

Representational - It is the name of painting realistic beauty of nature. Artists refrain from adding imaginary stuff in such paintings. Its purpose is to represent natural beauty as it is. Here, you will find pure realistic touch.

Impressionistic - Unlike the representational landscape, it is unrealistic. Artists put their imagination into it. They apply unusual lightning techniques and use unnatural colors to enhance the beauty.

Abstract - In this type, the focus is not on the surroundings but the main object. Artists usually alter complex natural scenes into simple shapes. Moreover, they also portray their imaginative feelings. In such pictures, artists have much more freedom. They could use unrealistic colors, shapes, or saturation levels to craft these landscape prints.

Modern - This revolution started back in the 19th century. At that time, the industrial revolution began. So, modern artists began reflecting the interference of industrialism in nature. It took painters out of the “impressionist” mindset. They became more interested in painting landscapes by sitting outside. Instead of painting classical ones inside.

What Rooms of My House Should I Hang This Type Of Art In?

Living Room - Coming home tired and seeing a lively landscape painting is refreshing. Moreover, it is the welcoming point of the house. So, decorate it well. Hanging landscape canvas prints could lift up the ambiance.

Ballroom - Dance and concerts in house need to have specific settings. Ambiance must be lush so people could enjoy parties. So, it is good to hang romantic wall art decor in the ballroom.

Drawing Room - Entertain your posh guests by hanging a stunning landscape view. You could place it above the couch or other furniture. Remember to keep it aligned with existing settings.

Library - We all need to read our favorite books in silence. Additionally, having beautiful sceneries around could make our mood more refreshing. You could create a gallery wall or place a fine piece of landscape art.

Guest Room - Whether your guest room is small or large. You could make your guests stay memorable through breathtaking views. You could make the bed or other furniture your reference point. Placing framed landscape prints above the bed is a good option. Additionally, placing two or three pieces of artwork together is also a better option.

Where to Get High Quality Canvas Wall Art Prints?

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